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DIN EN 15635:2008

The European standard DIN EN 15635 "Fixed steel racking systems - Applications and maintenance of storage equipment", which has been in force since August 2009, is to be applied to steel racking. The European standard classifies storage equipment and racking systems as work equipment and must be inspected by a competent person. The sequence of the controls is defined in the SEMA code of practice. Responsible for this are the respective entrepreneurs in their function as employers.

The standard distinguishes between an "expert inspection" to be carried out at least every 12 months by a "qualified person" and other inspections or visual checks to be carried out at shorter intervals (weekly or at intervals to be determined on the basis of a risk analysis by the person responsible for the storage facility).

TOPREGAL has its own in-house shelf inspectors who are trained and certified as "competent persons" in the sense of DIN EN 15635. They are trained for this purpose, to carry out the annual shelf inspection ("expert inspection"). The shelves are checked on site and an inspection report is prepared. Afterwards the racks are marked with the corresponding test badge.