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1.1m cantilever rack (type: KR3000 painted) 2.5m high single-sided with 4 levels 50cm deep
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Overview / specification
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New, complete cantilever rack – single-sided design – 1.1m wide, 250cm high and 4 cantilever levels with a cantilever depth of 50cm. The maximum load per cantilever is 500kg. The unit load capacity (load capacity between two uprights) is 1000kg.

This cantilever rack is characterised by its particularly robust construction and the surface of this rack is powder-coated (painted). This makes it particularly suitable for use in dry indoor areas, warehouses or similar.

The foot parts can also be used as a storage level.

To protect the load from accidental slipping, roll-off protection can be attached at the end of the cantilever. This is included as standard in the delivery volume. The cantilevers can be attached at individual heights in 50mm increments and are secured with safety bolts and pins.

The external dimension of this rack is 1.1m.
The axial dimension (inner dimension between two uprights) is always 100cm.

All individual parts used in this product correspond to our cantilever rack range and are thus compatible and expandable.

Note on shelf width:
The specified shelf width for this basic rack refers to the distance from the centre of one upright to the centre of the other upright. The outer dimension of the complete rack including foot part is approx. 10cm wider.
Delivery volume
  • 2 complete uprights 2.5m high for 50cm cantilevers single-sided up to 1000kg (painted RAL 5005)
  • 1 cantilever-rack unit (struts) for 2.5m height, axial dimension 1m (painted RAL 5005)
  • 8 cantilevers 50cm deep up to 500kg (painted RAL 5005)
  • All material required for assembly such as foot plates, screws, nuts, bolt anchors is included
  • Load capacity labels according to DGUV 108-007 (formerly BGR 234) specifications
  • Assembly instructions
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