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Versatile: the drum rack with drip tray

Do you want to store and fill liquids such as oil, gasoline, diesel or other environmentally harmful liquids safely in racks? Then our drum racks with drip pan are the perfect solution. These practical all-in-one offerings allow you to store drums of various sizes. In order to do something good for the environment while also complying with legal regulations, we also offer the matching drip pans with the racks.

Depending on the sump tray, our drum racks are suitable for the following requirements:

  • Maximum 1,600 liters total volume, with the largest container holding a maximum of 160 liters.
  • Maximum 2,400 liters total volume, whereby the largest container may hold a maximum of 200 liters.

Depending on the liquids you store in the drums, we offer the appropriate size drip tray for your rack. The rule is that at least ten percent of the liquid contents can be collected. In the case of substances hazardous to water, it must even be ensured that the entire contents are collected.

Proper assembly of the drum rack

All assembly materials and legally required load plates required for the assembly of the drum rack are included in the scope of delivery. After delivery, you can directly start with the simple assembly of your new drum rack. If you do not have the necessary personnel or time for assembly, we also offer a professional assembly service including initial rack inspection.

Do you need other rack dimensions? Simply assemble your drum rack with sump yourself from the individual parts listed here. This way you will get the optimal design for your warehouse, so that you and your employees can safely handle the liquids. We will be happy to advise you on which sizes of drum shelving and sump trays are best suited to your needs.

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